Monday, June 17, 2013

Tilly up-date.

Little Tilly is doing much better.
 She still has a chronic illness ( congestive heart failure) but is holding her own. 
On her last visit her x-ray showed she also has a collapsing esophagus which makes it extra hard to eat, drink and breath without coughing. 
Her meds (5 in all)  have finally been adjusted to her size.
She has been prayed for, and had hands laid on her.
She seams to have leveled out.
 She still has coughing when she eats and moves around a lot but it doesn't seem to be as labored.
I know the prayers have helped. She just seems to be happier.

Please continue to pray for her.
This will be needed as long as we have her with us.
Thank you so much. 

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