Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New before and after furniture

Here's a white side table/night stand that a friend gave me.

I decided to paint it pink and give it to my granddaughter to put in her new bedroom
Pink is one of her favorite colors.
It's a princess color you know!

Here's another piece of furniture that my friend gave me.

And after.

I redid it to put on my front porch.
It's great for coffee or a meal, especially since you can make it larger so easily.

Cocoa update

Thought I'd give an update on sweet little Cocoa's condition.
With medication and lots of prayers she seems to be doing much better.
She'll be on medication for another month and then have some more blood work done.
Although all her blood work showed signs of cancer the vet is still not 100% sure of what she has.
Since she had such a high fever and then responded to the antibiotics so good it's possible she might have rocky mountain spotted fever.
She's continues to improve everyday and is getting her appetite back.
For now it's just a wait and see on her prognosis. 
We're just glad she is happy again.

Please keep praying for her and Tilly.

"Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock"
Isaiah 26:4 

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hillbilly Coop

Well now the chicks are four weeks old.

They still like to sit on the water bottle.

Somebody needs to clean this box!

Look at all my pretty feathers.

My legs are also turning blue!

Well, since the chicks are getting older, the box is getting smaller.
I plan on buying a ready made coop but haven't gotten it yet.
So I needed to come up with a temporary place for the chickens during the day.
Using the area under the stairs at the fort I started working.
 I gathered up all the odds and ends I could to make a makeshift coop.
Different screens, fence pickets, whatever was available. 
I used old shutters as a way to get into the coop. I call them sliders.

It's pretty isn't it. All it needs is a rusty car on blocks beside of it.

Another lovely view.

But the girls seem to really like it.
And that's all that matters.

This is Slippers at four weeks old.
Isn't she cute.

Chickens two weeks old.

Here's a pic of one of our chicks. She's two weeks old. (I'm hoping she's a she).
She's resting in her stylish cardboard box.

Pretty neat huh! 
Always remember, location, location, location.
What curb appeal!

Nothing but the best for the interior.
Feels like a spa with that great heat lamp! 

Just enjoying the surroundings.

Learning to roost.
What a great view from up here.

 This is the silkie. 
Isn't she cute.
The others are outgrowing her.

Love those feet!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tilly up-date.

Little Tilly is doing much better.
 She still has a chronic illness ( congestive heart failure) but is holding her own. 
On her last visit her x-ray showed she also has a collapsing esophagus which makes it extra hard to eat, drink and breath without coughing. 
Her meds (5 in all)  have finally been adjusted to her size.
She has been prayed for, and had hands laid on her.
She seams to have leveled out.
 She still has coughing when she eats and moves around a lot but it doesn't seem to be as labored.
I know the prayers have helped. She just seems to be happier.

Please continue to pray for her.
This will be needed as long as we have her with us.
Thank you so much. 

Cocoa needs prayers

My adorable and joyful Cocoa is very sick.

As I ask you to pray for Tilly, Cocoa is now very ill and she desperately needs your prayers.
It started with not eating and drinking and missing us when we went on vacation. When we returned she was happy to see us but she wasn't the usual Cocoa. In a matter of hours she began running a temperature and being very lethargic. At 11pm we took her to an emergency vet. I was afraid of dehydration and the effects of that. They ran blood test, which didn't turn out very well. They kept her for 24 hrs. giving fluids and antibiotics. We brought her home last night and took her to her usual vet this morn. She has continued to have a temperature. After more test and blood work the vet thinks she might have cancer. She'll have an ultrasound this week which will tell us more. 
So please send up some extra prayers for Cocoa. 
We know He can heal her, but we want His will to be done.

To God Be The Glory

What a sweetheart.

Friday, June 14, 2013

A chicken story continues..

An update on some of the chicks at one and half weeks old.

They already have wing and tail feathers.
There growth is amazing.

This is the silky, Blackie.

Notice her extra furred toe.
I might change her name to Slippers.

The others are already outgrowing her.

before and after painted desk

This is a desk that I picked up at a consignment shop.

Although it looked good as plain wood, you know me, I had to paint it.



I painted it white to replace a table behind my couch that I used to put my lap top on.

The great thing about this desk is it has lots of storage so I can keep the top neat and tidy.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A chicken story

I've been wanting to raise some chickens for some time now.

Recently my uncle, who has chickens, gave me a dozen eggs to try and hatch.

I borrowed an incubator from my cousin and started on my chicken journey.
I placed the eggs inside.

I put the top on, and started cooking.
It was to take 21 days.

 And on day 20 they started to hatch.

I made a video of the first one hatching.
It's rather long, about 7 min. but it's worth watching. 
It was shot through glass so it's a bit fuzzy but you can still see what's happening.
It's amazing to watch. 

And here is the first little chick.

It looks kind of pitiful doesn't it.

And here is my little flock.
Ended up that we had only four to hatch.
The one in the center is one I bought at the feed store.
It's a black silky bantam.
They are three days old here.
Stayed tuned for more on the chickens.......