Saturday, March 14, 2015


Well, I finally have one more ceiling that the popcorn has been removed.
My son in-law came one day and helped me cover it up.
Really I helped him.
Here's a beautiful before of the popcorn.
Don't you just love it?

Who invented this stuff?

I went up in the attic and found the placement of the ceiling joists.
Then my husband helped me mark them with a chalk line.
He also took the fan down for me.

I used underlayment to cover the ceiling, because it's thin and light weight.
I painted all the supplies before we installed them.
Here is the first and most important piece.

After the ceiling was covered with the panels
we lined up lattice trim over the seams.
We installed the panels and trim to make four foot sections.

We were short by one piece.
Nothing a trip to Lowes won't fix.

After all the trim was installed I had to patch the nail holes
and caulk around all the trim.
I also gave everything one more coat of paint.

At all the intersections of the lattice trim I installed appliques.

I found these at Hobby Lobby.

After I painted them all white I attached them to the ceiling.

I just lined them up and hot glued them in place.

I think they finished it off nicely.

Here's a few pics of the finished ceiling.

I think it looks much better than popcorn.
Don't you?
Hope you enjoyed the change.

Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.
Psalm 150:6

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


This is a short post just to make you smile.
This is Cocoa.
Isn't she the sweetest thing?
Well she is long over do for a trim around her face.
This is the before.

And this is the after.
Sometimes her nickname is miss bug eyes.
She's always so good when I trim her hair.
She's a cutie!

I hope she gave you a smile today.:)

For nothing will be impossible with God.
Luke 1:37