Sunday, April 24, 2016


Here's my Peaceful Peacock.
He's made of pine cones and a few other decorative items.
I made him for my center piece for a fund raiser that my
church was doing.
It's called Festival of Tables.
You're in charge of deciding on a theme and decorating a table.
You provide a little take home gift for each person that has
purchased a ticket to sit at your table.
They in turn receive a delicious meal and some form of entertainment is provided
for the group. It's quite a fun evening for everyone.

Below I've listed the items I used to make him.
First there were the pinecones.

 Then I bought other sparkly items that I thought would show up.

Some peacock feathers of course.

And some dried floral for the tail.

I started by glueing the pinecones in the shape of the peacock.

I spray painted him solid blue to start with.
Then added green later on.

I had this thing that came off of something, so I spray
painted it and decided to use it for the stand.

Here's a look see of it almost complete.
As you can see I have him propped up on
some wooden logs.

Now he's all finished and here are some completed shots.
I hope you find him interesting.

His booty. 

I inserted some of the sparkly floral in between the pieces of pine cone.
I thought it would fill in well and add some interest.

Here's his head shot.
Don't hate him because he's beautiful:)

Now that you've seen how I made him,
here he is in all his glory at the Festival of Tables.

 Here's a look at how I set everything up.
It started with a table for 10 and a white tablecloth.

Then I added a light green overlay that I made out
of two sheer curtain panels.

I then added a peacock wreath that I've had for some time.

Next I started layering the chargers and place settings.

I made the place cards out of small pieces
of a tree limb. It ties in with the logs the peacock is sitting on.

 And here it is all completed.

A head on shot of my Peaceful Peacock.

Another look see.

For the chairs I tied sparkly ribbon and inserted  some sparkly foliage.

One last look.
Everyone had a wonderful time and there were so many
beautiful tables created.

I hope you enjoyed the process of the Peaceful Peacock.

1 Kings 10:22
for the king had ships of Tarshish at sea with Hiram's fleet,
and once every three years the ships of Tarshish
would arrive bearing gold, silver, ivory, apes, and peacocks.

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Monday, April 11, 2016


Well a while back, we installed what I think
will be my last barn door.
Anyway, here it is in all its beauty!

It's in my bedroom, leading into the 
laundry/closet/my office/and Maggie's sleeping quarters.

I took off the original door facing and added a wider
and flat trim to accommodate the barn door hardware.

This picture shows the long piece of
hardware that the door hardware will sit on.

Here the door has been mounted on the hardware.
It flows smoothly on the track.
I bought a door for this project. I wanted a french
door for many reasons.
The first being that I wanted the light from the window to be able to
still come through in the bedroom.
I also have french doors leading into the bedroom and
also going into the master bathroom.
Isn't it beautiful.

This picture shows how it slides behind the bathroom door
when not in use.

I found this great door handle at Hobby Lobby
50% off of course.
I love it!

This picture shows what it looks like with both doors closed.

Barn door closed, bath opened.

Bath closed, barn door opened.

Both doors closed.

This is a picture of the door hardware info from Lowes.

One last look at the finished project.

I love it!

How great is Your goodness,
which You have stored up
for those who fear you.

Psalm 31:19