Monday, February 23, 2015


A few years ago I had a bigger island in my kitchen.
After I made my piano island (here)  I moved out the big island
and started using the more narrow piano island.
I loved it. But as time went by I realized that the bigger island
would be more useful in my house hold.
We have lots of family gatherings and parties and a bigger surface area would be more useful.
So I decided to move the bigger island back into the kitchen.

Here's a little history of the island.
Its top is made of three large boards that are two inches thick.
The boards are over 100 years old.
My dad had them in his shop. They came from an old house that was being
torn down about 25 years ago.
The legs are made from fence newell post that I turned upside down.
Put that all together and you have an island. It's been painted white, black, and the latest, green.
Well you know me. I like to paint. 
Here are some pics of it as a green piece.

A few little details.

Looks like it could use a shelf, doesn't it. 
After moving it back into the house,
of course I had to move the piano island somewhere.
I still love that piece so I wanted to be able to see it.

So I moved it along the staircase in the dining room.
Which meant I would have to move the piano table (here).

So I moved the piano table by the front door,
which meant I would have to move the green table.

So I moved it in front of the dining room window.
Right now it's sitting on top of the supplies I'll be using
to redo my bedroom ceiling. ( More on that later).
It'll look a whole lot better when all that is removed.
The children's table was in front of the window
so I moved it across the room.

So remember, I like to paint.
I painted it turquoise.
 I'm sure you're surprised by that aren't you.
Poor Cocoa. She can't get down without Maggie chasing her.

I love the color change.
But remember, I thought it could use a shelf underneath.

So I built one.
I cut some boards to size, attached them to cross pieces,
and mounted it with L brackets.
I also added a leg on the shelf underneath in the center.
It will provide lots of support for all the bigger items I'll be putting on the shelf.

It sure adds a lot of extra storage space.
I don't know why I never added a shelf years ago.

Maggie thought she would photo bomb this pic.
Isn't she getting big.

Here's the completed project.
I love how everything turned out.

Thanks for stopping by.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Thought I'd do a short post 
to show you what I've been making lately.

Wine bottle wind chimes.

I make them from recycled wine bottles, beads and trinkets.
And of course corks.

Here's a look at some of the details.

I'll be making a lot more. These are just a few.
I'll be selling them for $20.00.
If you live close and are interested just leave your email address in the comment section.

Love never fails...

1 Corinthians 13:8

Friday, February 6, 2015


Thought I'd update everyone on Maggies' growth.
She's 4 months old now and weighs about 31 pounds.
She's growing so fast.

This is her favorite toy.
Monkeys name is Skippy.
She loves him!

My nose itches.

She loves to look out the window.
She's watching Cocoa.
She'll pounce on her as soon as she comes in the door.
Poor Cocoa.

She has developed a thick wavy stripe down her back.
I've read that labs and goldens can have this.

Hi mom.

She likes to find morsels under the island.
Usually from the ones that Cocoa loses.

She's ready to come back in.
She makes more prints on the glass then my grandchildren do!

De plane, De  plane.
She's trying to find the one she heard when we were outside.

She has a big bed 
but she still loves to sleep in her smaller one.

She sure fills it up.

Well that's the most recent pictures of my growing girl.

I think she's a beauty.

For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
so great is his love for those who fear him...
Psalm 103:11

I'd love to read your comments.