Sunday, September 21, 2014


On this beautiful Sunday morning I thought I'd
share with you some of the beautiful and interesting
things that our Creator has made for us to enjoy.

The trees of the field will yield their fruit and the ground will yield its crops;
the people will be secure in their land...

Ezekiel 34:27

All pictures are from a neighborhood produce market.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


This is the result of using things other then there original purpose.
A very unique coffee table.
Come along as I tell you what it's made of,
and how I did it.

It all began when my daughter and son in-law bought a farm.
"Red Door Farm"

And on this farm was and old, old chicken house.

And also on this farm was a barn.

And in this barn were parts of old chicken crates.

I wanted to make something out of them for my daughter
since they came from her farm.
I immediately thought of a coffee table.
So I cleaned, bleached and scrubbed the pieces and nailed them together.
Here's the frame.

I needed some feet, so I went looking in my stash of odds and ends.
These were old post tops that I had cut off to use as feet on an island
that I use to have.
They will be Perfect.

Next, was to figure out what to use as the bottom.
And of course I used old pickets.
Then added the feet.

Here's a look at it underway.
Bottom shelf and feet are attached.

Now what to use for the top.
My dad has dismantled an old tool chest that he built in the 1940's.
He ask me if I wanted the boards. Of course I did. Even though
I didn't know what I'd use them for at the time. 
Well, here they are.

These will work perfect for the top.
So I sanded them and put them together.
I attached them on boards that will fit inside of the crate 
so you can just lift up the top to get to the inside of the table.

It fits nice and snug.

Here it is put together before the top was painted.

Here are a few close ups of the finished table.
She decided on red for the top and feet.
Since the name of their farm is
Red Door Farm.

And here's the finished coffee table.
A little bit of history from her farm and our family.

How great is your goodness,
which you have stored up for those who fear you...
Psalm 31:19

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