Saturday, May 23, 2015


Well. I've finally got some after pictures to show you of the cabin
living/dining area. Look here to see the before and how
this makeover got started. 
First up is the fireplace wall.
The brick are really old so I didn't want to do anything to them.
As you can see my dad has a checkerboard table
(that he made) ready for anyone to play.

I had a couch that I had been using on my back porch
and I thought it would look great in the cabin.
After all he needs somewhere to recline. Right?
Above the couch is a collection of pictures about the cabin.
We'll add more as we find more.

This is the front side of the cabin.
He has his tv and rocking chair.
He made the Grandfather clock many years ago.

This is just a close up of the t v corner.
He made the tv stand and the hanging corner cabinet.

In this corner is an old peddle sewing machine
that was my grandmothers.

This is just a closer look at the fireplace.

Here we are at the dining room side.
This table was the old farm table of my great grandmother.

Here's a little closer look.

This is the other side by the front door.
A wash stand that my dad made
and some old hornets nest.
Plus an empty clock case that my dad made.

In this corner I've fixed an area of some items for sale.
Years ago we use to sell crafts from the cabin.
And these are a few of the leftovers.
Thought I'd display them in one place.

This is looking toward the kitchen door.

Here you can see the stair ladder to the upstairs.
Also notice I didn't paint the wall at the dining area.
I thought it would make a good feature wall.
None of these logs had been painted originally.
If you notice the curtains at the windows here and on the front window
they are recycled from the nursery I had with my first daughter 
some 30 plus years ago.
They were also used in my granddaughters bedroom.

This is looking toward the front door.

This is a close up of the pig on the dining room table.
My dad made that a long time ago.
I think it's cute.

Please stay tuned for part 3 - the kitchen.

And probably part 4 - the front porch.

"I am the Lord, the God of all mankind.
Is anything too difficult for me?"

Jeremiah 32:27

Sunday, May 3, 2015


As the sign explains this little cabin was originally from Randolph county in North Carolina.
My dad bought it and put it back together on his property in the 1970's.
He went all over the countryside and collected big rocks for the foundation
and the chimney.
The next two pictures shows him in the process of building the chimney.

As you can see in this one it's before a kitchen was added.

Following are some pictures of it all finished.

This was after a kitchen was added.

Through the years we use to have lots of cook outs.
And a lot of porch sitting.

We use to even sell our homemade crafts out of it.

Then over the years it kind of became a place where a lot of stuff was stored.
Well my dad has been slowly trying to move stuff out.
He wants to get it where he can come sit by the fire
 and make it seem more like a living room again.
He's 91 years old and I think if that's what he wants to do
so be it.
I'm in the process of helping him.
We are slowly getting things organized and also brighten up a little.
Here are some pictures of what it's looking like
before the painting and organizing starts.
This is the living room looking at the front door.

This is the opposite side looking at the door leading into the kitchen.

This is a shot looking at the fireplace.
As you can see, some of the logs were painted before he got the cabin.

This is the opposite side from the fireplace.
You can see the ladder leading up to the upstairs.

Here we are in the kitchen.

As you can see it needs a lot of work.

Although I'm not going to do anything upstairs any time soon
I still wanted you to see the space.
This is the fireplace side.

And the opposite side with the ladder.
So lets get started on an update.

This is a little peek at the living room with a little painting done.
It has already brightened it up.

I know I know a lot of you are probably saying
Why are you painting those logs.
Well, not all will be painted, but what is,
has already started to light up the room.
It will look better.
Trust me.

Here's a pic of the nice brown front door.
It's getting a make over too.

Beautiful turquoise!

Please stay tuned for part 2 and probably 3
of the cabin update.
It's going to look great!

He who seeks good finds good will...
Proverbs 11:27