Monday, June 10, 2013

A chicken story

I've been wanting to raise some chickens for some time now.

Recently my uncle, who has chickens, gave me a dozen eggs to try and hatch.

I borrowed an incubator from my cousin and started on my chicken journey.
I placed the eggs inside.

I put the top on, and started cooking.
It was to take 21 days.

 And on day 20 they started to hatch.

I made a video of the first one hatching.
It's rather long, about 7 min. but it's worth watching. 
It was shot through glass so it's a bit fuzzy but you can still see what's happening.
It's amazing to watch. 

And here is the first little chick.

It looks kind of pitiful doesn't it.

And here is my little flock.
Ended up that we had only four to hatch.
The one in the center is one I bought at the feed store.
It's a black silky bantam.
They are three days old here.
Stayed tuned for more on the chickens.......

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