Monday, June 17, 2013

Cocoa needs prayers

My adorable and joyful Cocoa is very sick.

As I ask you to pray for Tilly, Cocoa is now very ill and she desperately needs your prayers.
It started with not eating and drinking and missing us when we went on vacation. When we returned she was happy to see us but she wasn't the usual Cocoa. In a matter of hours she began running a temperature and being very lethargic. At 11pm we took her to an emergency vet. I was afraid of dehydration and the effects of that. They ran blood test, which didn't turn out very well. They kept her for 24 hrs. giving fluids and antibiotics. We brought her home last night and took her to her usual vet this morn. She has continued to have a temperature. After more test and blood work the vet thinks she might have cancer. She'll have an ultrasound this week which will tell us more. 
So please send up some extra prayers for Cocoa. 
We know He can heal her, but we want His will to be done.

To God Be The Glory

What a sweetheart.

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