Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Mystery Solved

And the winner of the green egg laying is:

 Because yesterday when I went out to collect the eggs
we had another addition to the egg pool.
It was Bouffant's tiny egg.
After doing more research on white silkies I found out
that they lay white or creamed colored eggs.
There blue earlobes have nothing to do with the color of the eggs
on a silkie as I had heard before.
 As you can see, her egg is smaller then the others.

And here's the little egg layer herself.
Isn't she cute?

Now the only one left who hasn't started laying is Penny.
She should start anytime now.
Maybe even today!
The wait continues.....
Lets go Penny!!

Colossians 3:15
And let the peace of God rule in your hearts,
to the which also ye are called in one body;
and be ye thankful.


  1. Hi, it is a beautiful green eggs, but I am curious which hen laid the darker brown egg. We have been trying to find a dark brown egg, but not the Marans. They are too dark. Enjoy seeing your chickens.

    1. Thanks for commenting. The darker egg is from Copper. We were told when we got her at the feed store that she was a Red Sex Link. She's a hardy chicken. So heavy.

  2. Such pretty eggs! And pretty girls, too! It's exciting when they start to lay. I have a hen named Penny as well :) It's Penelope, but I call her Penny for short!