Thursday, September 19, 2013

Before and after furniture for sale.

Here's the before of this side table / nightstand.

This is the after. Painted a hot pink accented with white.
It's 24" high and the top and bottom is 14"x11".
It's selling for $40.00.

Here's a little stool I picked up at Goodwill.
Of course this is the before.

And here's the after. 
Painted a hot pink and distressed a little.
It's 18" tall.
It sells for $15.00.

The before picture of a candleholder.

And here's the after painted red and distressed.
It stands 31" tall.
It sells for $20.00.

Here's another candleholder.
The before.

And after.
This one is painted turquoise and accented with silver.
It stands 23" tall.
It sells for $20.00.

I forgot to take a picture of the before on this table.
It was brown before.
I re stained and finished the top and painted the bottom a light blue and distressed it.
It stands 28" high. The top is 30'x19".
It sells for $65.00.

Here's another one that I forgot to take a before shot.
I painted this a muted green and distressed it.
It sells for $50.00.

Here's a round side table that I had posted before.
This is the before shot.

Then I painted it an aqua for the after shot.
Pretty enough but I still wasn't satisfied.

I decided to paint a flower on it and accent the top with turquoise.
Here's a close-up.

This little table is 22" high.
The top is a 25" circle.
It sells for $50.00.

This is the before of a cute little table 
 I'm doing for my granddaughter's new bedroom.

We are going to use it as a nightstand.
She loves the piece sign.
I found this piece sign knob at Hobby Lobby.

I decided to paint some piece signs on the top to mimic the knob.
She loves it.

Rejoice in the Lord alway: (and) again I say, Rejoice.
Philippians 4:4.

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