Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Taj Mahal Chicken Run

As I've mentioned before 
we've been working on building a chicken run to go with our chicken coop.
Well without further ado,
Here it is...

The Taj Mahal of all Chicken Runs.

Here's some pics of the run in the construction phase.
Front view.

Side view.

Another front angle.


Starting the wire installation.

Finally complete.

Close up.
The girls love, love, love it.
They told me so.

We put 24 inch hardware cloth all around the perimeter and up part of the foundation.
Secured it with staples and ground stakes. 
Then topped it with very heavy and large patio pavers,
and also medium to large stones.
We used hardware cloth all around the frame and added
vinyl lattice around the bottom for safety as well as decoration.
We used a fancy vinyl door that is self closing
but we added special hooks near the top and bottom.

We believe we've made it predator proof
but we still have to be aware and alert
and remember to hook the doors.

Here is a side and back view.

Another view of the back of the coop and run.

Coop side.

Now a tour of the inside of the run.

This corner has a lower branch for the little ones.
Although the big girls use it too.

This is the new sand box I built for the girls.
I still have to add more sand.
But they love it.

I added some cinder blocks for people sitting,
but I also read that chickens like to use them to clean there beaks.

This is there gang plank.
I angled it to give more clearance when you come in the door.
They have no problem with that.

I added some more perches that were higher
for when they get older and like to fly up higher.
I also added an old stump in the corner
for some different seating for the girls.

Older girls in the sand box.

Here's a little tour of the inside of the coop.
Every coop needs a little decor don't you think!
They like it.

Thought I'd let them know where to lay their eggs.
When they get older of course.
By then, they should know how to read.
I've still got to add straw to the nesting boxes.
And of course I wanted them exposed to the American and Christian Flags.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.
We are all having so much fun with the chickens.
They are so relaxing and fun to watch.
Can't wait for fresh eggs.
Stay tuned for more adventures.

"Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock."
Isaiah 26:4

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  1. The neatest chicken house I have ever seen. I bet there are no other chickens that live better. They are cute too. So love your blog.