Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adding more chicks to the flock

In addition to the 3 chicks I posted about earlier 
I've added 4 more that I ordered from the feed store.
Here they are on there way to there new home.
 In this picture they're 4 days old.

This is Penny.
She's a Rhode Island Red.

Here's what she will look like when she's grown.

This is Sadie.
She's a white Americana.

Here she is all grown up.

This is Bouffant.
She's a white silkie bantam.

Well hello there.
Look at me.
I'm all grown up.

This is Slippers.
She's a black silkie bantam.
She's named after the black silkie that was killed.

All grown up.
How do you like my hair-do?

Well that's the group.
We now have 7 in our flock.
Maybe that will be a lucky number to have.
I think that's plenty.
Stay tuned for more chicken adventures.
The chicken run is almost complete.
Stay tuned.

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