Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Chicken Coop

This is the arrival of my new chicken coop. 
As you might have read it arrived the same day my first chicks were killed.
I ordered it from Leonard's.
Here it's coming through the front fence and being rolled to the back yard. 

It's slow going rolling on two poles.

But finally the Leonards guy almost has it to the right spot.
It's going to the white outline on the right.

Here it is all in place.

Here's what I named it.

We've added some new steps which makes it so much easier to feed and check on the girls.
Decorations are also being added.

Here is a look at the inside.
Nesting boxes are to the right.
You can access them from the outside.

Here are there perches on the left.

Here is the other side where they will enter the coop from the run.
We are in the process of designing and building the run now.
I'll have updates of how it turns out.
Hopefully it will be done by the time the girls are old enough to go outside.


  1. Your new coop is beautiful - I love it! What a wonderful home for your new chicks.