Sunday, February 10, 2013

Artwork Part 2

Here is part 2 of my artwork. Hope you enjoy.

As you can tell this is a colorful butterfly. It was suppose to be for sell but I decided I wanted to keep it.  I have a problem with that sometimes. I love the bright colors.

This is Spot at the red tree.

This is a family portrait,  if you will,  of my animals. On the couch is Cocoa and Tilly. On the floor is Honey, Morris, and Molly.  Since this has been painted, Honey who was almost 17 died.  Morris who was also just shy of 17 died.  They died within 2 months of each other. The pictures on the wall are of past animals that have died some time ago. Starting from the left is my cat, Christmas. When I left home for the first time she went with me. Next is Manteo. She was Perry's dog when we met and soon became my dog also. The next picture is Willie. What a delight he was. I still miss him. The last picture is of our family cat, Patches.  She was such a sweet cat. During her life she had 3 litters. All of them different. We had no problem giving the kittens away. She would have 4 in each litter and they were so beautiful. So that's the history of this picture. What a crew.

Here's the apple.

The center of this flower is covered in tiny colorful beads.

At the time I painted this I wanted something for fall.

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