Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Artwork Part 1

My family and friends have suggested, "Why don't you put your artwork on your blog." So in answer to there request here it is.  Part 1.  I move artwork around like I do furniture. Especially with the changing seasons.  Hope you enjoy!

I use this in my dining room for my summer artwork. 

 I like to change to this for my fall artwork in my dining room.

I needed a star to go above my nativity scene, so I painted this. 

Here's another fall picture that I use in our family room.

This is a picture that I painted and donated for our church auction. Proceeds went to the Family Life Center at Rehobeth UMC.

I painted this some time ago. It just moves to where ever the mood strikes.

This is my peacock that usually stays in the family room.

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