Wednesday, January 13, 2016


One thing I wanted for Christmas was a barn door for my closet.
I have a small closet and the door swings inside
making the area behind the door kind of useless.
Well, I got my barn door.
And here it is.

It was made from a recycled door that I had stored
in the basement for about 20 years.
This door used to be upstairs leading down to the basement
and I had replaced it with a french door.
And you know I don't throw anything away.
So my barn door was free.

This is where the barn door will go.

Here's a look at the opening after the molding
around the door has been removed.

Another look.

To install we put up a 1X6 to attach the
barn door hardware to.

Here the hardware has been attached.
It's pretty straight forward.
We ordered the hardware from Lowes.

After I primed and painted the door 
we attached the hardware to it.

Then we lifted the wheels on top of the rail.

For the hardware to open and close the door
I used something I had gotten a year ago from Hobby Lobby.
I think it looks really old.

Here's a copy of all the hardware involved.

After adding the molding on the sides I caulk and painted
and it was finished.

And heres another look at the finished door.
I love it!

My Spirit rejoices in God my Savior.
He has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.

Luke 1:47-48


  1. Good Morning Lyn, I love your door! It is beautiful and I'm sure it provides more available room in your closet. Aren't you glad you hung on to it . . . it was just setting in the basement wait for a new life.
    Have a lovely day!
    Connie :)

  2. Lyn, I may have to steal this idea! Is this beside your laundry area? It is more attractive than a pocket door, for sure.

  3. I love the idea of a barn door, but have no space in the house for one to slide. Lucky you! It turned out spectacular.

  4. Looks like you had a very merry Christmas! Enjoy your new barn door -- it's beautiful!

  5. This looks AMAZING!!! #funtasticfriday

  6. I am so jealous! I have been wanting to put one in my bedroom for awhile now. Great job!

  7. I want one of those!! Love the color you painted it too.

  8. Wow your door looks so pretty and I love the color of it.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

  9. I love your door! The barn door track and the color are fun. ;)

  10. I love your barn door...and I have a place for one. Just need to find someone to install it. ha! Sheila

  11. Love it! That door color is beautiful! You did an amazing job.

  12. wow, you make it look easy. Pretty color as well.

  13. LOVE!
    We have rounded up the supplies to do this, someday we will get it done.
    Thanks for sharing at our Simple Homestead Hop!

  14. Lyn, I am so in love with this door! The color is absolutely perfect and you did a fantastic job. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! Hope to see you again tonight!

  15. That door is great! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  16. I'm thinking of something like this for my small master bathroom for the same reason. I love the hardware you put on the door. Thanks for sharing.

  17. This barn door is fabulous!! I am wandering over from Your Inspired Design.

  18. I LOVE this trend...but we have no where to do something like this. :(

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  19. I adore it!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for linking this up with us. I'm going to email you directly about it -- look out for my email! ~ Rose

  20. I love it! One of these days I'm hoping to try this with a beautiful old door. Thanks for sharing with Talk of the Town.

  21. This is just an amazing idea. The sliding door looks awesome!

  22. So clever and I love the color! Pinning it now- maybe someday!

  23. You did a great job transforming the door. It's gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

  24. I love it!!! I was just looking at this hardware at Lowes, I am dying to try it. Thanks for showing me how easy it is. It looks great :)

  25. Love the color! Not only is it a practical home improvement its a nice piece of eye candy, too!

  26. That looks amazing! I'm jealous.

  27. Such a good look. I have been contemplating do this for several rooms in my house. I think it can be a nice way to separate the kitchen and family room but it is nice when you are having lots of guests and need a more free flowing space. I also want it put it on my pantry and closet.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

  28. I'm a new subscriber and I linked over from I have been looking for a way to use sliding doors to cover the opening into a room off my front entry hall. It is a small sitting room. Using 2 of these doors would be perfect!I would be able to close the doors to create privacy when guest are visiting and use the sofa bed in that room as an extra bedroom. Love the color you chose for the door as well as the hardware. I'll definitely check out Hobby Lobby for door knobs. They always have a great selection!